About the Project

Spaces of Reflection of Cinematographic Aesthetics

Convergences of Filmic and Real Spaces in Art Installations and Staged Photography

Focusing on three sub-areas, this research project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) examines artistic practices of appropriating filmic spatial constructions, which in the form of installations and staged photographs have constituted to a core thematic area of art since the 1970s. In the process, the project examines the historical preconditions and the theory of filmic concepts of space in contemporary art. By means of exemplary case studies, the project scrutinizes the cinematographic representational modes of projected moving images with their semantic references to the (architectural) presentation space in installation art; under the aspect of the removal of spatial boundaries and the hybridization of post-modern constructions of (visual) spaces. At the same time, the project throws light on the genealogical relationships of installational artistic practices with the visual-space montages of staged photography.

The following publications are envisaged: “Kinematographische Räume” (eds.. Ursula Frohne and Lilian Haberer, early 2010) as well as a monography on the historical roots and theory of meta-reflexivity of filmic aesthetic in the cinematographic installation and staged photography (authors Ursula Frohne, Lilian Haberer and Annette Urban).

This research project is devided into three parts: